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Martinique: The Ultimate Destination

Book a Ticket to Martinique for a Perfect Holiday

If you love all things beaches, Martinique could be your dream vacation destination. This Caribbean island sits to the north of St. Lucia and is marked with a number of beaches, resorts and hundreds of tourists visiting each year.

The capital of the island, Fort-de-France has an extensive history and is a great spot to learn more about the people of Martinique. The Schoelcher Library in the capital is a bibliophile’s dream come true while the ruins near Anse Couleuvre are great to connect with nature and history.

Popular Tourist Resorts in Martinique

Apart from the capital, Martinique is mostly known for its iconic volcano, Mount Pelee. For now the volcano is inactive and is a popular tourist resort. Visitors hike their way to the top through the three man-made trails. The volcano once erupted back in 1902 and caused great damage to island. Saint-Pierre, the former capital of Martinique, was damaged the most. Still, there were structures that withstood the eruption and have now become tourist attractions. These include the Cachot Cyparis and the Volcanological Museum.

Although Mount Pelee is a dominant tourist destination, the Caribbean island has a number of sandy beaches to visit. These beaches have palm trees and exotic views of the sunset. If you’re on a honeymoon to Martinique, watching the sunset at Le Diamant should be a number one priority on your itinerary.

Other popular beaches of Martinique include the Saint-Anne, Petite Anse, Anse Ceron, Les Salines and more.

Tourist Activities in Martinique

Hiking the volcano and the hilly terrains are the most popular tourist activities of the island. Visitors also enjoy spending their time doing beach activities. Diving and snorkeling at the beaches are a must-do activity in Martinique.

The Gorges de La Falaise is a canyon that people love to visit as well on their trip to Martinique. The canyon tour includes swimming and hiking so it’s a perfect thing to do for the more adventurous types of tourist.

The local food at Martinique specializes in seafood. The restaurants at this Caribbean island are diverse and while some are expensive, gourmet quality, others offer budget local food.

Book a vacation to Martinique now with your significant other for a memorable trip on the Caribbean Sea.…

Hong Kong, the Jewel of the Far East

Hong Kong, once a part of China, is now a Special Administrative Region of the Republic of China. It has its own flag, its own culture and its own set of tourist activities and attractions than the rest of the country. Hong Kong is, hands down, one of the busiest and most populated places in the entire world. People from across the world visit Hong Kong; some settle there, enter the workforce or get enrolled in the huge number of universities there.

Things to See in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a giant metropolitan area with life always on the go. You might hardly find a place to sit and relax but you can always find a restaurant in about every corner of the city.

The Victoria Park is a popular tourist attraction. It sits atop the Peak Tower and provides magnificent views of the entire Hong Kong Island. The Peak Tower itself is an observation platform and also contains a shopping arena, restaurants and a few museums to give tourists a full travel experience.

Another hot tourist spot is the Korean 3D Museum called the Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong. The museum offers a number of inventive 3D art pieces and contraptions that visitors can marvel.

From September to July, it’s the horse racing season in Hong Kong. So if you happen to schedule your trip to the place, you can also witness horse racing at its finest. Horse racing is a TON of fun to watch and our friend Kieley, back in New York, who owns Capital Land Companies, lives really close to Saratoga, which is like the horse-racing Capital of the United States. The interest in horse racing was kicked off from our friendship.

Culture in Hong Kong is imminent. Museums and traditional heritage sites are busy tourist spots. Learn about the tradition and culture of Hong Kong and China in New Territories, Kowloon and Lantau.

Stuff to Do in Hong Kong

Theme parks are a popular place for visitors with families and children. Disneyland Hong Kong, Ocean Park and the Ngong Ping 360 are all places that can make a child’s dream vacation come true.

You can also participate in the many festivals and events held in Hong Kong. Some of these include the Chinese New Year, the Spring Lantern Festival, Birthday of Buddha and more. …

Top Things To Do When You Travel To A Sea Destination

Seas are a great way to experience a different level of fun. Thanks to a number of activities you can enjoy on the sea. Whether you are visiting for the first time or going back, you can enjoy a number of fun activities. 

The most critical thing to do is ensure you are safe. Take all necessary precaution and try different things that will give you all the fun you need when you travel to your destination. 

This article will share with you top activities you can do around sea destinations. 

  • Spend Time At The Beach 

Almost in every area, you will find a sea you will get a beach. And when you travel, you can spend your time at the beach. You can either choose to swim in the salty water, busk in the sun, or walk along the beach.

No matter what you choose to do, beaches will give you a refreshing experience. You can join other people at the beach and play beach games such as volleyball or racing. 

  • Kite Surfing 

If you have been dreaming of riding on a board and driven by wind, kite surfing is another top and fun activity you can enjoy. You will find kite surfing trainers ready to give you the basics and take you through the experience in most destinations. 

Don’t hold yourself. Join other people at kiting spots and enjoy the sport. 

When you are at a new destination, ask where you can get kite surfing. You will likely be directed to where you can meet other people surfing at sea. 

  • Sun Rise and Sun Set Dhow Sails

If you love the magic of watching the day turn to night and vice versa, there is no better place to enjoy this than being on a boat sail. You can enjoy the experience by sailing on a dhow. In the evening, when the sun is setting on the west, jump into the dhow and experience the ancient sailing. 

You will enjoy a breathtaking experience. It’s one of the sunset experience that you might never see ever again. 

  • Enjoy Luxurious Cruises 

One thing with the sea is that you can find a luxurious boat or ship and sail for days. All the times that you will spend on the sea will be amazing. You can choose to just sail for hours or stay in the waters for some days. 

Despite what you choose, you will love the experience. This is because luxurious cruises give a nice experience that you might never get elsewhere. 

  • Try Sea Fishing 

There is nothing more fulfilling than joining fishermen. As you catch the fish in the sea, you will enjoy and appreciate this skill that has lasted for many years. It’s even more fun if you find local fishermen using traditional fishing methods. 

Parting Shot 

If you have always wanted to enjoy a vacation around the seas, nothing should prevent you. There are top fun activities that you can engage with when you travel.