Ways To Prevent Spider Veins

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Spider Veins: Preventing and Managing

Spider veins are small red or blue veins which look like tree branches that often appear on the ankles and calves later in life. Approximately 50% of adult will have spider veins with women more likely to be affected than men. However, there are some ways that you can prevent spider veins from forming.

Habits That Prevent Spider Veins

There are certain habits that you can include in your routine to help prevent the formation of spider veins. The first is to avoid sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time. If you are required to sit or stand for prolonged periods in your job you need to take the time to walk around to break the position.

As spider veins are caused by poor circulation and blood flow, adopting positions than encourage circulation will help. You need to avoid crossing your legs when you sit as doing this for prolonged periods will interrupt the flow of blood to your legs. When you are sitting you should also look at elevating your feet. Raising your feet will improve the circulation and reduce swelling of the calves and ankles.

If you wear high heels you should change these to a lower heel. High heel place extra pressure on the legs and this can restrict the blood flow. Wearing compression hose will also help prevent spider veins. These hoses stimulate the blood vessels and improve your circulation.

Change Your Diet And Exercise

Maintaining a healthy body weight will also help prevent the appearance of spider veins. Having a balanced diet combined with exercise will help with this. Carrying excess weight will put a strain on your body and this can lead to problems with your blood vessels.

You not only need a balanced diet, but you should also look at eating less salt and increasing your fiber intake. Processed foods and pre-packaged meals should be avoided and you need to increase the amount of fresh fruit you eat. Whole grains and lean meats are also recommended.

Getting regular exercise is important as it increases your blood circulations and helps prevent the appearance of spider veins. You do not have to complete high impact exercises as walking and light swims will help. Any weight training you complete will also help you stimulate circulation.

Know The Causes

There are some causes of spider veins that you cannot take steps to prevent. One of the causes of spider veins is age and there is little you can do about this. However, if you take the preventative steps then you should reduce their appearance.

Spider veins are also hereditary which means that if someone in your family has them the chances of you having them increases. Hereditary spider veins can be prevented to a certain degree, but there is no way to completely stop them from appearing.

There are many ways that you can try and prevent spider veins. Getting exercise and maintaining a healthy weight are important. You should also consider moving about more during the day and stop crossing your legs when you sit.

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